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Advancing Sterile Packaging

Guardian Medical designs, develops, manufactures, and sells novel terminally sterile packaging and packaging services for medical implants.

About Guardian Medical
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Sterile Packaging: CapSure Technology

Sterile Packaging: CapSure Technology

CapSure is our unique Implant Packaging System.

  • Dual or Single Barrier
  • Unique Seal and Closure
  • Modular and Adaptable
  • Implant-Specific Interface
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CapSure Advantages

Intuituve & Easy to UseIntuitive & Easy to Use
Easy IdentificationEasy Identification
Space EfficientSpace Efficient
Logistically CapableLogistically Capable

Packaging Services

Guardian Medical provides sterile packaging services. We also offer full design, development, validation, inspection, cleaning, manufacturing, and supply chain service.

  • Sterile Packaging
  • Design & Development
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Injection/Blow Molding
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Cleaning
  • Assembly
  • Labeling
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Packaging Services

Your Partner in Custom Packaging Solutions

OEMs can find a full array of services centered around functional package designs and logistic solutions. Address UDI requirements, improve implant handling and delivery, and help reduce costs.

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